Cape Town – Beach Life


Ever since I can remember, I have always loved the beach. It’s kind of funny seeing as I can’t swim to save my life, but that would never stop me from having all the fun in the water.

The first time I ever dipped my toes in the sand was in November 2011 at the beach in Durban. It was really awesome and liberating, but it was in May 2013 when I first traveled to Cape Town that I truly experienced the beauty of the beach, the sand and the sunset in a way unlike ever before. There is something really fascinating to me about it and it was only natural that I would want to see the sunset there again this year.

After a long, crazy year, I booked my flight and went to visit my friend in Cape Town. It was really fun being away from life as I know it and just having a different view and environment for a few days. I am beginning to enjoy travel more and more with each trip.

What makes Cape Town’s landscape so beautiful to me, among other things, is driving down the road surrounded by beautiful palm trees (which just so happen to be my favorites), how Table Mountain seems to everywhere – pretty much no matter how far you go or where you are, the different beaches that make you feel like you are in completely different places, the calmness, the breeze, the way your feet just sink in the sand, the high tides that catch you by surprise when they hit harder than expected and of course, the sunset. That, to me, is magical.

I played in the water like a carefree child, freezing as it was. Sitting on the beach watching the sun setting, seemingly falling into the ocean is something I could watch over and over again many times and I am pretty sure it would still take my breath away without fail each and every time. I love capturing such moments on camera and having those bits of those moments to carry on with me and look back on. For me, Cape Town represents a getaway and complete tranquility. Living in South Africa is a true blessing. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world and there are so many places to visit and explore. Nature is a wonderful thing and the older I get, the more my appreciation grows.

Lunch by the beach side with cocktails and good food and company, walking barefoot in the sand on the beach, getting into the water waiting for the cold waves to hit and seeing the sun set will go down as some of the most beautiful memories I will take from 2016 going forward. I encourage anyone and everyone to visit Cape Town at least once… It’s a place and an experience like no other. Here’s to traveling more and enjoying the beauty of the simpler things in life. Take nothing for granted!


(© Photography By: GMZee)


New Beginnings – It’s All About Perception

Lately I’ve been observing the sunset & its astonishing beauty… Something I realized is that it never looks exactly the same as the previous day…
 Call me crazy, but it got me thinking about life & all each day represents… No two days are the same… One day is more gloomy than another… Or more colourful…. And just as we have days that feel harder & more complicated, we also have days that are bright & beautiful…
 It’s up to us to decide when we look up at the sky if we’re going to take forward the beauty & learn from the drama & baggage of ourselves (as well as others), leaving it behind us so as to enjoy a better tomorrow or if we’re just going to go through the motions of the same routine, expecting different results.
 We can all have a “better” tomorrow… A tomorrow without insecurities, fears, doubt in ourselves, our strengths & our value… A tomorrow without unnecessary troubles, things that are toxic & not good for us… A tomorrow that is one sunset away… And of course, there comes a sunrise that will be just as magnificent… And filled with prowess… A more beautiful day. Oftentimes, we’re a choice away from that day…
 I’ve made the choice to look beyond the negative things that can hold me back & instead focus on all the things that are good in my life & the countless possibilities of all the things I can achieve by focusing my mind on the things I really want in life….
 I’m doing things I never thought I would. But I’m thankful for the opportunities to grow & expand my horizons. Yes, I’m thankful & blessed. 2014’s a year for success!!!
(© Photography By: GMZee)
(Top: Pretoria Sunset, 9 January 2014)
(Bottom: Pretoria Sunset, 10 January 2014)