Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the power, importance and necessity for forgiveness…. So much so, I thought I should write about it.

Everyone seeks forgiveness at some point or another in life. Making mistakes is part of being human, and on the other side of that lies seeking forgiveness in respect of actions, decisions and other things which we wish we could turn back the hands of time and undo…

When we seek forgiveness we crave it so much, yet when we need to forgive others we struggle to let go of the hurt, anger, resentment and whatever else we feel as a result of the experience(s) we have had that caused us to feel that way.

It’s funny how one can dwell on something for a long time. How one can practically tell the whole world about how someone has made them feel… How something bothers them. Except the actual person who they should be talking to – the one who “caused” them to feel that way.

People are so quick to play the victim and accuse someone of being the “bad guy”, yet they don’t communicate. They don’t try to see the other side of the story. They don’t take the time to talk to the other person to give them a chance to be told what they did wrong and respond to it before deciding to jump to conclusions and finding that baggage is being carried around for years on end that they just can’t seem to walk away from. It follows them wherever they go. They don’t FACE it and deal with it. Instead they allow it to manifest into a burden they carry.

They say that forgiveness is not for the other person, but more so for you. They say that sometimes you need to forgive YOURSELF. And it takes a certain level of life experience to come to the realization of just how profound and true that is.

Sometimes we even tell ourselves we are over something and that we have “forgiven” someone and are convinced of it for a good while until one day the truth creeps up on us and we have no other choice but to face it.

I am not saying that we owe others forgiveness but what I AM saying is that sometimes we cannot move past certain things until we forgive. Not for their benefit. But for our own.

Bitterness is a toxic poison that kills us slowly whilst consuming us. Forgiveness is freedom. It frees the space within our spirits that is occupied by darkness and negativity. A space that could be occupied by much more important and valuable things.

The decision to forgive is a brave one and will build YOU…

Imagine you were the one seeking forgiveness. How would you want the other person to respond to you? Treat others as you wish to be treated. Talk to them. Express yourself. Learn to be still and LISTEN. Even if you don’t get the reaction you had hoped for, they would know where you stand. And you would be at peace for having gotten it off your chest… And even if you choose to walk away, you can do so without thinking “what if”. And the chapters that you close in your life will truly be complete when you close them. Without you needing to look back…