Today marks 2 years since the death of my number one musical inspiration & I can truly say I don’t think I’d love music the way that I do if it weren’t for her… Those like me who live and breathe music would understand when I say it takes something very special for one to be touched to the core by a voice that represents warmth, emotion and timelessness. She was all that and so much more…. A woman who defined and embodied real music.

There is so much to be said about the impact this amazing, talented woman has had on my life and my love for music…. I’ve loved her since I was just a little girl and I remember watching her music videos and the way her mouth would “vibrate” when she sang… LOL…. Later in life, I realized what that was all about, but I still found it awesome and fascinating. It was her signature “move”…

As much as I love signing, I don’t think I could ever come close to doing any of her songs justice (and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t even try). She was, is and always will be the standard against which I measure vocal greatness in any female artist.

It is really unfortunate to know that perhaps the coming generations may not have music and artists to represent depth, substance and really dig deep into one’s heart the way music used to before it all started changing not too long ago (and definitely not for the better). 

My favorite movie of all time – The Bodyguard…. Some of my favorite songs of all time were sung by her too…. Everything she put her talents into set standards and displayed just how special and incomparable she was…. Now, just like the rest of us, she had her personal ups and downs, but I refuse to get into such issues. What I want to do is focus on all the good and the impact one person has the power to make on countless lives all over the world. ONE person. One heart. One soul…. One voice… Possessing the power to unite people from all walks of life and make them feel… I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s phenomenal. It really counts for something. It inspires me to develop the things I’m good at and use them to make a mark and make a difference in people’s lives in my own special way…

When it comes to emotions, I am generally not very expressive unless I’m writing a song or really getting into that type of mind-frame, and maybe that is one of the reasons I’m less likely to respond emotionally to certain things, but music has always had that power to reach deep within me and make my heart feel things it would not normally feel…. That’s how deep my connection with music has always been…

I’ve been using Whitney Houston and music interchangeably here and that’s with good reason. Whitney is the definition of music and all it should represent. Yes, she was more than just a remarkable talent. She was a woman, mother, daughter, sister…. She meant different things to different people. But I can only speak of what I know… And no matter what I say, it still feels like I’m falling short. Words can not describe how I (like many others) can not fathom the fact that she has been gone for two years and that time will keep on going as the years keep adding up.

The world has lost a real gem…. Outstanding in countless ways. She still had so much to do and so much to give… Even so, she achieved more in her 49 years than some achieve in 80 years. So we should all celebrate her life. Her power to make a difference and set a precedent…. And no matter what happens, one thing is for certain – she will never be forgotten. And there will never be another Whitney…

Rest In Peace, Whitney Houston….




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