New Beginnings – It’s All About Perception

Lately I’ve been observing the sunset & its astonishing beauty… Something I realized is that it never looks exactly the same as the previous day…
 Call me crazy, but it got me thinking about life & all each day represents… No two days are the same… One day is more gloomy than another… Or more colourful…. And just as we have days that feel harder & more complicated, we also have days that are bright & beautiful…
 It’s up to us to decide when we look up at the sky if we’re going to take forward the beauty & learn from the drama & baggage of ourselves (as well as others), leaving it behind us so as to enjoy a better tomorrow or if we’re just going to go through the motions of the same routine, expecting different results.
 We can all have a “better” tomorrow… A tomorrow without insecurities, fears, doubt in ourselves, our strengths & our value… A tomorrow without unnecessary troubles, things that are toxic & not good for us… A tomorrow that is one sunset away… And of course, there comes a sunrise that will be just as magnificent… And filled with prowess… A more beautiful day. Oftentimes, we’re a choice away from that day…
 I’ve made the choice to look beyond the negative things that can hold me back & instead focus on all the things that are good in my life & the countless possibilities of all the things I can achieve by focusing my mind on the things I really want in life….
 I’m doing things I never thought I would. But I’m thankful for the opportunities to grow & expand my horizons. Yes, I’m thankful & blessed. 2014’s a year for success!!!
(© Photography By: GMZee)
(Top: Pretoria Sunset, 9 January 2014)
(Bottom: Pretoria Sunset, 10 January 2014)

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